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Desert Life: Fauna

Desert Life: Fauna

As a realtor, I got to know the city where I lived, and as a resident I ventured into the rest of the Coachella Valley. I enjoy hiking, and here in the desert I especially enjoy the sightseeing during a hike. As it happens, Joshua Tree National Monument is just on the other side of the small mountains bordering us to the north in Desert Hot Springs. In those mountains Big Horn sheep appear in the morning and are daily sights for the morning hiker who knows which trails to roam. Quail and dove families scurry around freely. The higher you go, the grander the sights. Look back and you’ll see Desert Hot Springs behind you and Palm Springs beyond. Continue reading “Desert Life: Fauna”


15 Qualities that Determine Value in Real Estate

Whether you are investing in a commercial property or buying a house, it pays to know what creates value in the city where you are buying.   Continue reading “15 Qualities that Determine Value in Real Estate”

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