How I Ended Up a Realtor in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Graduating from school inspires life moves that practically beg you to take advantage of the opportunity to make a change in your life. When I graduated law school, the first thing I asked myself was  “where do I want to live?” The answer was simple: it had to be California! This is the story of how this city boy ended up in Desert Hot Springs.

When I first moved to CA from Washington, D.C., I lived in Santa Monica. After more than 20 years there, it was time for a change. I liked being near the beach but spent less and less time by the water. Without actually going the beach, there was little reason to live there. Beach traffic was crazy, homelessness was a big problem, and everything was more expensive in the beach town. Add to this the pollution of living a few hundred yards from interstate 10 where the gas exhaust fumes and traffic noise anoint your morning ablutions, and I was craving silence and serenity more and more.

Living anywhere in Los Angeles meant I would have to endure the same density, pollution and inconvenience as I traveled to work, then to lunch, then to pick up the kids, then home (or each child’s preferred destination), the grocery store and other errands. All of this I was sure I wanted to leave behind… but where should I go to do so?

By a strange twist of fate, I received an invitation from a friend to study for the bar exam at her ranch in Desert Hot Springs, a small desert town in the Coachella Valley, about 3 hours east of Los Angeles, 3 miles north of the I-10 freeway and 12 miles north of Palm Springs. I took her up on the offer, and that was it…I found my place. I was hooked on Desert Hot Springs, and now it is the place that I call home.

This little desert town is known locally as “Spa City” because it sits atop a natural hot mineral water aquifer, and there are many boutique hotels and resorts that have tapped into this amazing natural resource and filled their pools with it, drawing visitors from around the world to “take the waters.”

Geographically, Desert Hot Springs is surrounded by the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north and east and the Santa Rosa Mountains to the south and west. Desert Hot Springs residents are blessed with magnificent views of both Mt. San Gorgonia, at nearly 12,000 ft. the tallest peak in Southern California, and of Mt. San Jacinto, the second highest peak in SoCal at almost 11,000 ft.  The valley floor between the mountain ranges includes an area to the south called Sky Valley where you can still buy a 5-acre spread with a well for under $100,000

Driving to the desert from Los Angeles, you’ll see wind farms with turbines dotting the Banning pass like sentinels standing guard as you enter the desert region. Here in the desert we get humid air when the monsoons come up from the Sea of Cortez and a sprinkle or two that gives us gorgeous rainbows. 

Photos in this post courtesy of Donna Poyuzima


The horizon is unblocked by buildings, and we enjoy spectacular views of desert sunrises and sunsets, and moonrises and moonsets too. They rise over the mountains to the east and set down behind the mountains to the west. Unlike Los Angeles, there are still open spaces to be found, especially in Desert Hot Springs and the surrounding county lands. National parks and monuments and nature preserves are found in abundance in the region, and the Coachella Valley also attracts big name music festivals, golf tournaments, theater shows and concerts, and more.

I fell in love with Desert Hot Springs, and I think you will too. Today my energies are directed in helping other folks find their dream homes and business locations in Desert Hot Springs. So if you want a realtor who really loves the area to show you the possibilities and potential of doing business and/or living in Desert Hot Springs, I’m your guy!  

Call me, Realtor Rick Teisan, at 760-835-8363 and let me help you discover the joys of life in the desert!

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